Graveyard Blues

by sunstained

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released May 28, 2014



all rights reserved


sunstained Charlton, Massachusetts

Emo/Post-Hardcore from the woods of Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Coffee
I feel a hole
In my stomach
It must be the coffee
and all of the worry
I'll feel better at home
when i get something
better in my system
Track Name: Embers
You were just an ember burning; dying in the freezing air
But you somehow kept alight in me and you stayed there
Burning through my flesh you make me barren now and again
I wish i knew one way or another if we were meant

But the flames catch, the nights stretch
and i'm burnin away
the coals spark, the worlds dark
I'm getting carried away

And it drags
drags on out
these embers
won't burn out

Ashes never come just specs of red and black inside of me
Blood courses fever pitch never leaving time for healing
I wish you would've stayed around it might've made things more clear
now the winds in ever direction there's a ship i cannot steer

drifting, sifting
through the burns on my hands
to extinguish, relinquish
the hold you have on me now

these coals have not yet turned to ashes
and yet my heart has become so passive
Please dying embers just give me a sound
sometimes i wish you were still around
Track Name: Luna Moth
Caught a crossroads it seems
between reality and dreams
in one direction lies discomfort
and in the other lies peace

who am i to complain
when both roads bear a happy end
i'm just sending my regards
to the past

cause im sick of the regret
sick of trying to forget
whichever roads bears the weight of my soul
through the relentless cold

i'll remember not to scorn the steps
left in the sand
desert corpses
of what i tried to defend

i hear my name called in summer
i hear the whipping winds in winter
somethings always
behind you

and too often its a thorn
of a stem on a dying flower
theres no use for it
oh theres no use for it

the minute hand slows
the hour hand quickens
the pathway stretches
and the warm sky blackens
Track Name: Can't Run From Dying Love
it's early this morning but im never asleep
staring at the spiders through the dirty windowpanes
its nice to be alone ive set stones around my feelings
im waiting for it all to fade back to gray

fade back
fade back to gray

wouldnt that be something
early morning sunrise
i've misplaced my emotions
sick of being dragged through the motions
Track Name: Dad's Metal Chair
I am looking in the mirror
"did you catch the crescent moon?"
i'm in love with burnt bridges and bad luck
its half past noon i'm laying down watching the rain fall around

outside on the front porch
in your dads metal chair

if i got struck i wouldn't care
i'd probably feel more alive

i'm feeling so warm
coursing through my veins
every days the same

kids kissin in the rain
im staring through wet windows
i just don't feel that way
im running out of comfort
Track Name: Graveyard Blues
Its finally warm
the winds on my mind
watch my worries
blow away
throw away thoughts
what a wish
and a fire with kids
that i'm comfortable with

maybe next winter
ill see the sun
but for now
ill reflect on the cold
my heart of stone
i can't feel
you running through my blood and bones
i'm much more comfortable wandering alone

graveyard blues
I'm sick and i have nothing to lose
graveyard blues